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Tips For Dealing With an Aggressive Driver After An Accident

No one wants to go through an accident but the situation can go from bad to worse if you have to deal with an aggressive driver after you’re involved in a car collision that was not your fault. You may have tried to do the rational thing and pull over to safely exchange information with the other driver involved in the accident. However, if the other driver is unable [...]

How to Avoid Slip and Falls

Slip and falls can spell out trouble, especially for the elderly who can be more at risk of falling and injuring themselves. ER nurses can tell you that they see injuries from slip and fall cases every day. Uneven walkways, slippery floors, or tripping over an object can cause people to have painful accidents. These accidents can result in minor bumps or bruises but, occasionally, they can also result [...]

What To Do Following an Accident With a Drunk Driver?

If you suspect that you’ve been involved in an accident with a driver that was under the influence, you should follow a few steps immediately after the collision and contact a DUI injury lawyer. Stay safe Do what you can to get out and away from the vehicle. This is important to do just in case the car is leaking fuel. If possible, it’s best to move the car [...]

Spring Tips for Safe Cycling

Safe cycling tips. As the temperature rises and the flowers start to blossom, more cyclists start taking the streets in the springtime. Unfortunately, this rise of warm-weather traffic also comes with a rise in bicycle accidents and ICBC bicycle accident claims. With the rise of joggers, cyclists, and cars on the road, it’s important for everyone to be extra cautious and practice safe road safety to avoid collisions. When [...]

What You Need To Know About ICBC’s New No-Fault Insurance

In response to continual financial losses at ICBC, huge changes are underway for BC auto insurance with a new no-fault system that will come into place on May 1, 2021. This insurance model means that ICBC will pay money to you directly instead of you needing to engage in a lawsuit after an accident to win damages. This new system will bring about a big shift to B.C. motorists. [...]

Reasons Your ICBC Claim Might Be Denied After an Accident

If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision in British Colombia, you know your next step should be to file a personal injury claim with ICBC. But what happens if your ICBC claim is denied? Here are some reasons ICBC might deny your claim: Missed deadlines, failure to complete or improper completion of forms You are required to provide ICBC with written notice of your accident within 30 [...]

Filing a Lawsuit After a Slip and Fall on Government Property

If you slipped and fell on government property in British Columbia, you may have recourse under the Occupiers’ Liability Act (OLA). Under the Act, occupiers of a property have a responsibility to keep it safe for all those legally enter, whether it be a building, the surrounding grounds or even a plot of land. In the Act, an “occupier” may refer to: a) the owner of the property b) [...]

How Can Surgery Affect an Injury Settlement?

After a car accident, injury victims often require surgical procedures to improve their health and quality of life. If you were injured in an accident and you are scheduled for surgery, you might be wondering how the procedure may affect your injury settlement. Types of injuries that require surgery The types of injuries that usually require surgery include the following: Fractures and broken bones The severity of a bone [...]

Autonomous vehicles and ICBC

The future is here, and autonomous vehicles are no longer a figment of the imagination. Some car companies have already manufactured self-driving vehicles while others are investing heavily in research and development of autonomous vehicle technology. Autonomous vehicles and the law in British Columbia You may be excited about the idea of a self-driving car, but if you are living in British Columbia, you should know that the laws [...]



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