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When to Make Changes to Your Will

The thought of writing a will is scary to many people; however, it is necessary to have one and to keep it up to date. There will come a time when it is important to make changes to your will. You should try to update your will every four to five years. Will lawyers typically suggest updating your will after every major life event. A major life event is [...]

Spousal Support Payments and Your Income Tax Return

Did you know that you may need to include spousal support payments when filing your annual income tax returns? Consulting with an experienced family lawyer will help determine if your payments are applicable or exempt from filing. Spousal support, or alimony, is the money paid from one spouse to another for financial support after a separation or divorce. It is typically paid by the spouse with the greater earning [...]

Estate Planning: Wills vs. Trusts

Estate planning can seem like a gloomy activity; however, it can be like planning for your children's education or your retirement. It's an opportunity to prepare for your family's well-being if you are temporarily or permanently incapacitated. Wills and trusts are estate planning tools that provide instructions for the distribution of your estate to your heirs and beneficiaries. They are legal documents that can be used separately or together; [...]

How to Sign Off on a Will during COVID-19?

A will is a legal document that communicates your intentions in the event of your death, outlining your desires regarding the distribution of your assets, and appointing guardianship for minor children. Permanent incapacitation without a will in place is known as dying intestate. In such cases, estates are divided using intestacy laws under the Wills, Estates and Succession Act of British Columbia (WESA). Unfortunately, that can mean your estate [...]

What Are the Benefits of Estate Planning?

Estate planning can seem like a daunting task that is only relevant if you're wealthy or expect to die imminently. However, estate planning is more complex than simply determining the division of your assets after you're gone. A comprehensive estate plan also expresses your wishes in the event of incapacitation. Accidents and death happen suddenly. If you fall ill and are unable to manage your assets or if you [...]

The Impact of COVID-19 on Child Support

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, it drastically changed many things about day-to-day life and turned the world upside down. For two years, the world has been grappling with ongoing issues in various facets of life. How has COVID-19 impacted child support? The economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many individuals worldwide. Unemployment, furloughs, reduced working hours and business closures have become quite common during the [...]

Executor of a Will? Everything You Need to Know

Executors are appointed to carry out a deceased’s wishes regarding the disposition of their estate. Executors are named by the deceased in a will but can be court-appointed if prior arrangements were not made, in which case they are referred to as administrators. An executor’s role is significant and should not be taken lightly. The job is arduous and, should you accept responsibility, renders you legally responsible for a [...]

How to Enter into a Separation Agreement

If you and your spouse need a break from each other, getting a separation agreement may be the way to go. A separation agreement allows you to gradually work out your marital difficulties over time without the stress of divorce hanging over your head. In this article, we discuss how to enter into a separation agreement. What is a separation agreement? A separation agreement is a written contract spouses [...]

Why You Need an Estate Litigation or Estate Planning Lawyer

Estates often include valuable assets which can attract negative attention. The best way to protect your interests is to hire an estate lawyer. These trained specialists handle challenging estate-related situations by helping parties receive what they are entitled to under the law. Whether estate litigation or planning, it is in your best interests to have an attorney by your side who can help avoid conflict. What is estate litigation [...]



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