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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: Steps To Take If You Get Hit By a Car

When you think of an accident, you probably think of a vehicle colliding with another, but often vehicles collide with pedestrians as well. If a car ever hits you as a pedestrian, here are some things you should do: Move out of the street It is normal for you to feel a flood of emotions if you are still conscious following a car and pedestrian accident. You may [...]

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Steps Everyone Can Take to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

In 2017, Vancouver was voted the most ‘walkable’ city in Canada. Although this means Vancouver is considered safe for those travelling on foot, accidents involving pedestrians still occur. Because pedestrians do not normally wear protective gear, there is no protection if they are struck by a moving vehicle. That is why these accidents can result in serious injury and death, even when collisions happen at low speeds. Therefore, every [...]

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Mistakes to Avoid in an ICBC Case

Accidents are unfortunate incidents and you can never truly be prepared for the physical and emotional damage they can cause. If you were injured in an accident caused by another person, filing a claim with the ICBC is an important step in ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve. When dealing with an ICBC claim, everything must be handled correctly if you want your case to be successful. [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Choose Nirwan Law Corp for Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have suffered any sort of personal injury caused by the negligence of another person, you may want to take legal actions to be compensated for your injuries. The knowledge and experience a personal injury lawyer will bring to the table can add value to your claim. Having a personal injury lawyer also means that you will have someone who will advocate on your behalf. Therefore, you [...]

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Steps To Take After Hit & Run Accident

No one wants to be involved in a car accident; much less one where the driver at fault flees the scene. In a hit and run scenario where someone’s vehicle collides with yours or with you as a pedestrian, you may want to file a legal claim for compensation. If you are not able to find the driver, it is possible for the ICBC to claim that you [...]

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How much is your ICBC claim worth?

Personal Injury Lawyer Harpreet Nirwan on the phone with client explaining his rights & ICBC Claim procedures. If you’ve been in a car accident and you are not at fault then you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses from ICBC. Even if you are at fault, “no fault” benefits are usually available for each party which can cover a range of medical rehabilitation [...]

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What Should You Expect When Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you meet with a personal injury lawyer in Surrey for the first time, the experience can be quite nerve-wracking or intimidating. You may not know what to expect and you may be unsure about how to prepare for a meeting with a car accident lawyer. Meeting with your personal injury lawyer in Surrey may be easier than you may think. The lawyer’s role is to help you with [...]

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What to Do In Case Of A Cycling Collision

Busy Vancouver roads can be a hazard for bicyclists (even with all the new bike lanes). If you have been injured while cycling in an accident involving a motor vehicle, and the accident is not your fault, you are entitled to financial compensation for your losses and certain “no fault” benefits under cycling collision British Columbia law. We’ve listed a few steps designed to help cyclists hit by [...]

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Drugged Driving in BC: What to expect from Personal Injury Lawyer?

Drug-Impaired Driving By: Harpreet Sandhu As the laws for marijuana consumption continue to cross over to the right-wing, the line of legal and illegal consumption is becoming blurred. We all know driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, however, the rules of drugged driving in BC with marijuana are not as black and white. This article will briefly outline the laws and police powers regarding operating a [...]

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