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Frequently Asked Questions 2018-08-02T21:08:41+00:00
I have booked an appointment to discuss my accident with ICBC, what should I do? 2018-07-24T18:19:15+00:00

You can cancel the appointment and consider retaining a lawyer to represent you.
Once you hire a lawyer, you are not obligated to meet with the ICBC adjuster; your lawyer will communicate with ICBC directly.

Should I meet or speak with the ICBC adjuster? 2018-07-24T18:17:11+00:00

No, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer before speaking with an adjuster.
If you meet with the adjuster, he or she will type your statement for you, which may negatively impact your claim in the future.
Your statement to ICBC should be provided through your own lawyer so that it is drafted to benefit you.

What are my treatment options if I am injured in a car accident? 2018-07-24T18:16:27+00:00

If you are injured in a car accident, you are entitled to “no fault” benefits under your own policy of insurance with ICBC. You are entitled to these benefits even if you are found entirely at fault for the accident.

These include reasonable and necessary expenses related to medical expenses and therapies up to a maximum limit of $150,000.00. These benefits also include wage loss benefits (called Total Term Disability Benefits or TTDs) where you were working at the time of the accident.
You may also be entitled to homemaker disability benefits where the injuries prevent you from regularly performing your household tasks. We can help you access these benefits and start your recovery process promptly.

What are my options if I am injured in a car accident and cannot work? 2018-07-24T18:15:40+00:00

We can assist you to access benefits through your workplace benefits provider, if any, or through Employment Insurance if you qualify.

Should neither of those options be available to you, we will help you obtain disability benefits directly from ICBC.
Should you still need financial assistance, we will assist you with obtaining temporary financing through a settlement lending company.

What kinds of cases do you handle? 2018-07-24T18:15:01+00:00

We have the legal experience and expertise in dealing with the following kinds of cases:

  • Rear end collisions

  • Intersection accidents

  • Hit and run accidents

  • Motorcycle accidents

  • Cyclist accidents

  • Pedestrian accidents

  • Slip and fall accidents

Will talking with a personal injury lawyer cost me anything? 2018-07-24T18:10:49+00:00

No, we offer free legal consultations for all personal injury claims.
If you hire us, you do not pay any fees up front and only pay legal fees if and when we obtain a settlement for you.

Do I need a lawyer for my personal injury claim? 2018-07-24T18:10:04+00:00

There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer to represent you in your injury claim. For starters, we are experienced in personal injury claims processes and know what a particular claim is worth. Self represented people are often unaware of what their claim is worth.
They often find it difficult to find time to manage their claims on top of other personal and professional obligations, not to mention their recovery, and they often lack knowledge of the relevant deadlines to start court proceedings in their claims.
The job of a personal injury lawyer is to allow the client to focus on recovery and rehabilitation and to advocate for the client to obtain the maximum financial recovery possible even if that means starting a court case and having a trial where a judge or jury decides what compensation to award.

If you are not sure whether you need a personal injury lawyer, please call us and ask. We would be more than happy to answer your questions without any obligations. You can even come in to our office and meet with us face to face for a free personal consultation. If you choose to hire us, you do not pay up front. Our legal fees are based upon a contingency/percentage of money we recover for you.

At Nirwan Law our motto is We settle when you’re ready, not when ICBC is ready. This means that we stand up to ICBC on behalf of all our clients to ensure that our clients’ settlements are reached when our clients want and for the amounts our clients want. We will fight for you to ensure you get the money you deserve when you want it so you can focus on recovering and getting back to your life.

What does Limited Liability mean? 2018-07-19T23:05:39+00:00

Limited Liability occurs when a company is incorporated. A primary advantage to incorporating a business is the limited liability conferred upon its shareholders. The shareholders are not liable, in most cases, for the debts and other obligations of the corporation. A shareholder’s liability for the debts of the corporation is limited to the amount of funds the shareholder has invested in the corporation. Creditors only have rights against the corporation itself and not against the shareholders.

What is a Corporation? 2018-07-19T23:05:10+00:00

A corporation is a legal entity that has its own legal personality which is distinct from its owners (called shareholders) and the individuals who manage and run its affairs and business (called directors and officers). The creation of a corporation occurs following the proper filing of Articles of Incorporation (also called a Charter, Certificate of Incorporation or Letters Patent) with the relevant government department or authority.

Every corporation is comprised of shareholders, directors and officers. Shareholders, as the name implies, are the ones who hold (i.e., own) the shares in the corporation. By reason of the votes that are usually attached to the shares, the shareholders control the corporation. If there is only one shareholder, that person has absolute control of the corporation. If the corporation has numerous shareholders, control of the corporation depends on who has a majority of the voting shares. However, the shareholders do not directly manage the corporation. They exercise their influence by electing and removing directors and approving or disapproving major corporate decisions.

When should I contact a lawyer regarding purchasing a home? 2018-07-19T23:04:32+00:00

When purchasing a home you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Once a lawyer is involved, they can start working to protect the purchaser’s interests. “Buyer Beware” is still the law in BC. Be sure to check the home you are planning to buy very carefully. In other words, be sure to do your due diligence investigations. As your real estate lawyers, we will ensure property taxes are up-to-date and no claims are listed against the property.

Do I need a Lawyer to buy/sell my home? 2018-07-19T22:58:08+00:00

Real estate layers oversee the process of buying or selling property to ensure the interest and right of clients are preserved.  The purchase of a home is one of the biggest investment most of us will ever make.  Real estate closing is a complicated legal process involving the execution of many legal documents which have significant financial implications. You want to protect your investment. A purchaser’s lawyer goes over the agreement of purchase and sale to make sure the buyer is protected. The lawyer checks title, or chain of ownership of the property, for any problems or liabilities such as liens.  All mortgage loan documents and legal papers are verified for the purchaser. A seller’s lawyer will check the agreement of purchase and sale to protect the seller and address any title issues that arise, arrange for final payoffs for existing loans and prepare the necessary documents to transfer ownership of the property. As your real estate lawyers, we will examine all of the closing documents on your behalf to make sure your rights are protected.



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