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A common accident involving motorists and cyclists occurs when a motorist is attempting to pass the cyclist. According to the law in this province, motor vehicles are required move to the left as a safe distance before attempting to pass.

Unfortunately, accidents still occur and the issue becomes whether the motorist moved far enough before passing. ICBC may try to minimize the settlement payable to the cyclist by arguing that the cyclist was not far enough to the right of the road or bike lane and that the motorist did all he could to avoid the accident.

We will take steps to ensure that the motorist is held accountable for the accident through our knowledge of the claims process and the litigation process where we can ask questions of the motorist under oath. We fight to reveal the truth for our injured clients and seek proper compensation for their injuries.

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I understand you must be frustrated and perhaps in pain at this point. Not knowing how it works, what to do and who to trust. If so, you have come to the right place.

It is very important to me that you are taken care of and I want to help you get your life back. I treat my customers like a personal friend and it hurts me to see you suffer from an accident that was of no fault of yours.

I highly encourage you hire any lawyer, even if it is not me, to help you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. I truly believe, doing it on your own is a costly mistake.

Please give me a call if you have any questions about how it works, what I can do for you and how I can make your life easier and better. Once again, there is no obligation to work with me. Contact ICBC Car Accident Lawyer Today!

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Nirwan Law Corp are dedicated to maximizing the value of our client’s personal injury claims. We represent CAR, TRUCK, MOTORCYCLE, PEDESTRIAN, WRONGFUL DEATH and a wide range of PERSONAL INJURY ACCIDENTS.

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our awesome clients

“Car accidents are a scary thing, but the legal aftermath doesn’t have to be. Having a knowledgable lawyer on your side makes all the difference in the world. Harp Nirwan Corp was incredibly helpful & friendly and I will definitely be recommending them to any friends and family when needed”

Angela Pidduck

“I have dealt with many lawyers in the past in my real estate business life but very hard to find a lawyer like Harp. He is very understanding and treats people with respect and care. Most of all he does not put money before people unlike most lawyers do. I highly recommend Nirwan Law Corporation if you need a lawyer”

Navin Sami

“I want to thank the Nirwan Law Corporation for helping my family & I in our most vulnerable time of our lives. Harp was an absolute pleasure to work with & would recommend him & his expertise to anyone needing legal guidance”

Crystal R. Parker

Recent Case Studies

$500,000 for a 43 year old nurse who was rear ended while turning into a driveway. The collision resulted in a torn shoulder muscle that was aggravated during surgery. ICBC refused to pay for the aggravated injury because it was caused by surgery not the accident. We successfully argued to the contrary and achieved a fantastic award for our client.

$650,000 for a cyclist who was struck by a vehicle while in the bike lane. Our client was thrown off his bike and suffered multiple injuries. He was a competitive triathlete and could not compete in events for over two years. Luckily his injuries were not permanent, but we obtained a significant settlement for him anyways.

$350,000 for a 47 year old construction worker who was rear ended on the way to work. Unfortunately, he was unable to return to work for several weeks and was on light duties when he did return. We were able to satisfy ICBC that his injuries were chronic and likely to affect his ability to earn income into the near future.

$750,000 for a 25 year old student who was hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian. The vehicle that struck our client failed to remain at the scene, and our client was unconscious for a short time after the collision. We placed signs near the accident scenes and advertised the accident in the newspaper to try and find additional witness that could potentially identify the driver. Ultimately, we obtained a great settlement for our client even without identifying the driver of the offending vehicle by accessing her own policy of insurance.

$450,000 for a taxi driver who was rear ended by another vehicle while at work. Our client missed several months of work and required considerable therapy to achieve close to pre-accident status. We helped him access these therapies under the no-fault benefits scheme, and achieved a satisfying settlement after mediating the claim with ICBC.

$250,000 for a 28 year old who was the victim of a reckless police shooting. Our client was facing away from an officer and posed no threat when he was shot in the legs. One of the bullets broke his femur.




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