Real estate lawyers specialize in legal matters relating to property—whether everyday transactions or disputes. A real estate lawyer will draft and review documents for purchase and sale agreements, mortgages, title transfers and similar matters. When a property has been sold, a real estate lawyer may also handle the closing.

If you are trying to sell your house, you should consider hiring a lawyer, especially you do not have a real estate agent. Here’s why:

Your real estate lawyer will negotiate the purchase and sale agreement

In the absence of a real estate agent representing you, the buyer’s real estate lawyer or agent will likely draft the purchase/sale agreement. You may have your own lawyer draft the agreement instead or review the agreement you’ve been given to ensure it is legal and in your best interest before you sign. A lawyer will also help you to determine what information you will need to disclose to the clients before the sale in order to protect yourself from a lawsuit later.

Most times, buyers will require financing to purchase a house and may need to wait for a loan application to be approved before moving ahead with the process. If that happens, you may ask your lawyer to ensure that the purchase/sale agreement contains a clause that allows you to continue showing the property while there is an offer that is awaiting the approval of a loan. That way you avoid legal troubles if you choose to accept another offer.

Your real estate lawyer will ensure everyone fulfills your end of the bargain

Your real estate lawyer will ensure that all parties involved in the sale of your house understand their responsibilities. Once you have a binding agreement with a buyer, your real estate lawyer will help to ensure that you fulfil all the buyer’s requests and will ensure that all the relevant credit checks are performed and that everything is in order for closing.

Hiring a real estate lawyer when you already have an agent

Even when you have a real estate agent to help you sell your house, you may still want to hire a real estate lawyer. When it comes to the sale and purchase of residential property, there are real estate matters and then there are legal matters. Your real estate agent will not be able to offer you legal advice. If, for example, the buyer wants to cancel the purchase contract for a refund of their deposit, this is a matter that would best be addressed by a real estate lawyer instead of by a real estate agent.

Do you need a real estate lawyer in Surrey to help you sell your house?

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