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One of the thoughts that goes through many parents’ heads during a divorce or separation is the wellbeing of their children. Following a separation, a primary concern for the parties involved and the court is to ensure that the children are safe and well-provided for with the emotional and financial care they deserve. While most people want what is right for the children, not everyone will agree on what those terms are. No one wants to lose access to their kids or be stuck in a situation where every parent-child interaction must be monitored by a third party.

Deserving parents shouldn’t have to abdicate their custody or visitation rights with their children. While sole custody cases and arrangements where both parents want to be involved in the child’s life are becoming increasingly rare, every custody case should be taken seriously as there are no guarantees as to what the outcome will be in your given scenario.

In BC, we talk about guardianship and parenting time and focus more on parental responsibilities rather than parental rights. The term ‘parental responsibilities’ refers to the responsibilities that both parents or guardians have to care for the child as well as to make financial, educational, medical, legal and religious decisions for their children. The BC Family Law Act further defines parental responsibilities.

In some cases, seeking the help of a child custody attorney will be vital. If safety is an issue, and you are getting a divorce because your spouse has been abusive or violent, you will need special protection orders and a strong custody case to protect yourself as well as your children. You will also need help from a child custody attorney if the other parent has alcohol or drug dependencies or a mental health issue that may impact their ability to be a parent.

Whether you have questions about parenting time, guardianship, or other aspects of child custody law, Nirwan Law attorneys are here to guide and support you. No two cases are alike so we make it a priority to deliver personalized attention and care to each case by taking into account all of the circumstances of your specific case before advising you on the next steps.

Our family law specialists are knowledgeable about the legal procedures necessary to ensure your children are cared for and end up in the best possible situation, we always keep the best interests of the child at the top of our priority list. You don’t need to handle or negotiate your custody arrangement alone, we are here ready willing and able to assist you. Consult one of our child custody attorneys in Surrey as early as possible to ensure the rights of your children are protected.

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