December 2016

$5 Million Judgment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Injured persons are entitled to compensation for both physical and psychological injuries caused by the negligence of others. While objective measures are more readily available to demonstrate physical injuries, psychological injuries are not as readily provable. The importance of utilizing appropriate medical experts to establish the existence of psychological injuries cannot be overstated; it is [...]

Buyers and Sellers Beware: Patent and Latent Defects

British Columbians are experiencing the hottest residential real estate market in recent memory. A multitude of factors including low interest rates, foreign investment and lack of inventory continue to push prices upward. The lack of inventory in detached residential homes results in more buyers than there are sellers, and to there being multiple offers to [...]

More than a Reasonable Doubt

Mr. Justice William Horkins of the Ontario Court of Justice found Jian Ghomeshi not guilty of all counts today in a sexual assault trial that has gained significant notoriety in Canada. I previously <a href="" target="_blank">wrote about</a> the Ghomeshi case in the context of the tactic employed by his defence counsel, Marie Henein. I argued [...]

Martin Shkreli Pleads the Fifth at Congressional Hearing! What if he were in Canada?

Today embattled drug entrepreneur Martin Shkreli testified at a Congressional hearing convened to discuss prescription drug prices. Shkreli gained notoriety when he, formerly as CEO of a pharmaceutical company, purchased a drug used to treat AIDS patients and hiked its price up over 5000%. In December of 2015, he was arrested by the FBI for [...]