The future is here, and autonomous vehicles are no longer a figment of the imagination. Some car companies have already manufactured self-driving vehicles while others are investing heavily in research and development of autonomous vehicle technology.

Autonomous vehicles and the law in British Columbia

You may be excited about the idea of a self-driving car, but if you are living in British Columbia, you should know that the laws in the province do not allow you to use self-driving features on roadways. That means if your car is involved in a crash while operating autonomously, there may be issues with your insurance coverage.

In a statement released in November 2019, ICBC said it was monitoring the development of autonomous vehicle technology in the province and other jurisdictions. The ICBC statement came after an incident in which a vehicle was “summoned” by its owner using a mobile app. The car’s technology allows a driver to use an app to call their vehicle to their location within a 200-foot radius. However, when the vehicle made its way to the driver’s location, it travelled on the wrong side of the road for about 50 yards. The incident took place in the parking lot of a mall in Richmond, BC and was captured on video.

When discussing the matter, ICBC said if the vehicle had been in an accident while it was operating autonomously, there would have been no guarantee that the accident would be covered by the driver’s insurance.

Safety concerns of autonomous vehicles

ICBC says autonomous vehicle technology presents many questions with regards to safety and policy. In recent times, the United States National Transport Safety Board has been investigating numerous accidents involving self-driving vehicles, one of which killed a woman in Arizona in 2018. The fatal accident was said to have been caused by flaws in the vehicle’s technology.

While more companies plan to release self-driving vehicles, there is no indication when the laws will be updated to accommodate such technology on BC roads.

Were you injured in an accident caused by an autonomous vehicle?

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