Safe cycling tips. As the temperature rises and the flowers start to blossom, more cyclists start taking the streets in the springtime. Unfortunately, this rise of warm-weather traffic also comes with a rise in bicycle accidents and ICBC bicycle accident claims.

With the rise of joggers, cyclists, and cars on the road, it’s important for everyone to be extra cautious and practice safe road safety to avoid collisions. When an accident involves a cyclist or pedestrian, they are almost always the ones to get more severe injuries. Here are a few safety tips to consider when taking out your bikes.

Wear safe clothing and gear

If you’re cycling at dawn, dusk, or in the night, wear bright and reflective clothing to increase the chances that cars, cyclists, and pedestrians can see you. Be sure to wear a helmet to help prevent or reduce the severity of any impact on your head in case of an accident. Helmets can reduce the chance of head injury by 50% and injuries to the neck by 33%.

Don’t assume drivers can see you

When you cycling, you may think that a driver has seen you when they actually haven’t. Try to make eye contact with a driver to let you know that they have seen you before crossing in front of their car. Let drivers know where you intend to go with hand signals.

Don’t ride against traffic

While pedestrians may be able to walk against traffic, bikes need to follow the same rules of the road as motor vehicles by riding with the flow of cars. You will also need to follow traffic signs and signals.

Install lights and a mirror on your bike and gear

Keep your focus on what is in front. Adding a mirror to your bike can keep you from having to turn your head back whenever you need to see what is going on behind you. Adding lights on your helmet and bike can also make it easier for others to see you at dusk or nighttime.

Use bike lanes when possible

Bike lanes are becoming increasingly available so try to use them if you are able to do so. When there aren’t any bike lanes, stay on the right side of the lane but stop in the centre of the lane when you reach a stoplight so that you remain visible. Try not to ride in the gutter and this may encourage cars to pass you. You have the right to take a lane if you need to so you shouldn’t need to move even if cars honk at you.

Avoid distractions

Keep your phone packed away when you’re riding your bike. It’s not a good idea to listen to music either while you ride as it can take away your cognitive focus. Pay full attention to the road when you’re riding your bike.

Don’t drink and ride

Statistics have shown that about 20% of biking deaths have occurred because the cyclist is legally drunk. Don’t be a part of this statistic.

You can avoid collisions by following these rules but if you’re an ICBC cyclist hit by a car and you’ve suffered an injury, you should contact a cyclist accident lawyer. You may be entitled to an ICBC bicycle accident claim. Speak to a Vancouver personal injury lawyer at Nirwan Law Corporation and schedule a free initial consultation with a Vancouver cyclist lawyer so we can learn the unique details of your case and discuss your legal options for an ICBC bicycle accident settlement amount.