When you think of an accident, you probably think of a vehicle colliding with another, but often vehicles collide with pedestrians as well. If a car ever hits you as a pedestrian, here are some things you should do:

Move out of the street

It is normal for you to feel a flood of emotions if you are still conscious following a car and pedestrian accident. You may feel angry, scared or confused. Whatever the case, you must try to remain calm and get out of the way of oncoming traffic as quickly as possible.

Call the police

Call the police from the scene of the accident and wait for them to get there. A police report will prove helpful when you file a personal injury claim as it will help to establish what happened.

Collect as much information as you can

While you wait for the police, get all the driver’s details, such as his or her name, telephone number, address, licence number, insurance information and any other relevant information. After you’ve done that, grab your phone and take pictures. Take pictures of yourself and of the car (including licence plates), street signs, the road, traffic signal —everything you see. It is better to have too many photos than not enough.

Also, speak with witnesses in case anyone leaves before the police get there and collect names, phone numbers and addresses. If you are too shaken up, ask a bystander to help and collect all that person’s information.

Speak up when the police arrive

When the police get to the scene, give a complete account of what happened from your perspective. If your condition is critical and you have to be rushed to the hospital before they arrived, follow up with the police later. Request to review a copy of the accident report to ensure the information they have is accurate. If it is not, fight to have the report corrected.

See a doctor as soon as possible

Because injuries are not always obvious right after an injury, you should seek medical attention regardless of how you feel following a car and pedestrian accident. This could save your life as certain injuries, such as internal bleeding, could be life threating if not treated right away. Seeing a doctor will also be helpful when you file your personal injury claim. If you hesitate to see a doctor the ICBC can say that your injuries must not have been that serious. If you experience post-traumatic stress disorder, see a therapist and include this in your claim as well.


After an accident, within 24 to 48 hours or as soon as possible, report the incident to ICBC. When you do, inform them that you were a pedestrian when you were hit by a car. Give them the driver’s information, the date, time and location of the accident. You might be pressed for additional information but do not say anything more until you have consulted a pedestrian accident lawyer. Without legal guidance, you might say something that could hurt your claim.

Consult a pedestrian accident lawyer

Speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer about your case, even if it seems unnecessary. The consultation is usually free, and a pedestrian accident lawyer can tell you whether he or she can add value to your claim. ICBC will try to settle your claim for as little as they possibly can and without legal representation, you will not know how much claim is worth. That is why people who hire a pedestrian accident lawyer tend to get higher settlements than those who file a claim on their own.

Do you need a pedestrian accident lawyer in Surrey?

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