Most personal injury claims arise from motor vehicle accidents.  With the legalization of marijuana, more people who suffer from chronic pain resulting from accidents are now using marijuana to treat their injuries. Although the use of marijuana to treat accident-related injuries has significantly increased over the years, persons are still unclear on whether the ICBC will pay for medical marijuana in personal injury cases.

Who has access to medical marijuana?

Since the legalization of recreational use of Marijuana in October 2018, you may now access marijuana for pain relief without a prescription. However, marijuana must be prescribed by a medical doctor for it to be considered medicinal.

Does ICBC pay for medical marijuana treatment?

Under the current laws, there is no specific provision for the coverage of medical marijuana treatment in ICBC cases. Although a clause exists which allows ICBC to make payments discretionally, generally, the ICBC does not cover medical marijuana medication for persons with chronic pain from their injuries.

The debate concerning medical marijuana and ICBC coverage is expected to continue in the legal community.  It is likely that within a few years and with research and policies put in place, it may be determined that medical marijuana should be accepted as a recognized treatment for personal injury. This would reflect on whether ICBC will be required to pay for medical marijuana in personal injury cases. Until then, you may have to pay for medical marijuana out of pocket.

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