Estate planning lawyer in Surrey. For many, estate planning is an uncomfortable process as it can seem a bit morbid. You may even think it is an activity that is reserved for those who are very wealthy. However, making arrangements for medical emergencies and untimely death can provide vital peace of mind to those in any income bracket with family and loved ones they wish to protect. Estate planning removes the burden on loved ones and the controversy and family quarrel that sometimes occur after a person dies intestate. In the absence of an official plan for your estate, guardianship of children and division of assets may be determined by the courts. These decisions may go against all your last wishes.

If you would like to put your affairs in order, you should consider hiring an estate planning lawyer. Estate planning is much more than writing a last will and testament but at times, a will, notarized and filed with relevant courts, will suffice to guarantee your final wishes are carried out. In other cases, there are other things that will need to be put in place. An estate planning lawyer will tell you what needs to be done in your situation and help you to accomplish it. An experienced estate planning lawyer can provide guidance on designating beneficiaries, arranging living trusts, granting powers of attorney, minimizing the impact of taxes on your estate and other matters.

When hiring an estate planning lawyer, here are some qualities to look for:

1. Education and Experience

A reputable estate planning lawyer is one who graduated from an accredited law institution, has a license to practice, and is registered with the relevant bar association. As with other areas of law, a general practitioner may not have the requisite experience or intuition to provide the kind of services a qualified estate planning lawyer would. A lawyer who specializes in this area of law will have in-depth knowledge of specific taxes and paperwork that need to be signed and filed. Additionally, he or she will be up-to-date on changing legislation and regulations on estate planning.

2. Communication

A qualified estate planning lawyer will possess good communication skills. Find an estate planning lawyers that is articulate and listens well. Your estate planning lawyer must also be able to understand and accurately interpret your needs to provide the appropriate service.

3. Confidentiality

Estate planning is a sensitive matter. A good estate planning lawyer guarantees confidentiality and will demonstrate tact and skill in executing your last requests. He or she understands that clients trust him or her with the most intimate of details and will act accordingly.

4. Personality

Lastly, when searching for an estate planning lawyer, you should find one that is kind and personable. Estate planning can be a challenging and emotional process. It is good to have a lawyer who will be sensitive and supportive as you go through the process.

Do you need an estate planning lawyer in Surrey?

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