A business lawyer is a lawyer who focusses on handling legal issues that affect businesses. Business lawyers handle matters relating to taxation, intellectual property, employment and human resource issues, contract preparation and negotiation, copyright and trademark protections, venture financing transactions, mergers, acquisitions, compliance, risk management and more.

Every business operator must have a business lawyer as part of their team if they want their business to be a success. Here’s why:

Having a business lawyer is an advantage in case of legal problems

If you have already established a relationship with a business lawyer, he or she will be familiar with your business and the way it operates. That means if you are threatened with a lawsuit, your business lawyer will not have to take the time trying to learn about your business operations. Therefore the lawyer will be able to hit the ground running in defending you against legal action.

A business lawyer can help you to avoid a lawsuit

If you have a business lawyer on your team, he or she will provide you with valuable legal advice. Additionally, your business lawyer would have helped you with your contacts, agreements and any business dealings with legal implications. This means you can rest assured that your business affairs are in order. That could help you to avoid a lawsuit in the first place.

An experienced business lawyer will have a large network

If your business lawyer identifies business issues that he or she is unable to address, he or she will advise you to seek help from a specialist. Whether this specialist is another lawyer practising another area of law or a professional such as an accountant, an experienced lawyer will be well-connected with a large network and can quickly refer you to someone who can handle the specific problem you need help with.

A business lawyer can ensure you get paid

There are times when people with whom you do business will refuse to pay money they owe you. If you ask your business lawyer to send a request for payment on your behalf, it will show that you are serious about getting paid. This request could be enough to convince the person or entity that owes you money to pay up sooner. If that is not enough to convince them to pay, your lawyer will know exactly what to do next to ensure the funds are collected.

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