After a car accident, injury victims often require surgical procedures to improve their health and quality of life. If you were injured in an accident and you are scheduled for surgery, you might be wondering how the procedure may affect your injury settlement.

Types of injuries that require surgery

The types of injuries that usually require surgery include the following:

Fractures and broken bones
The severity of a bone injury depends on the part of the body that was damaged. For example, a broken hip is far more severe and requires more extensive medical care than a fractured arm.

Knee injuries
Knee injuries are especially common in head-on collisions. These injuries usually occur when the force of the impact caused the front of the vehicle to collapse or crush into the driver or passenger. Knee injuries can range from broken bones to ACL tears and can require not only surgery but also years of rehab.

Back and spinal cord injuries
Due to the force of the impact, a car accident may cause injuries to the back and spine. These injuries may include herniated discs, fractured vertebrae and spinal cord damage.

Brain injuries
Brain injuries are common in car accidents. Brain injuries can range from slight concussions to traumatic brain injuries that may leave a victim with life-long disabilities.

Internal injuries
Internal injuries may include internal bleeding, collapsed or crushed lungs, or punctured organs. Like all other accident injuries, internal injuries can vary in severity.

Will you get a higher injury settlement offer if you have surgery?

There are cases in which injury victims have received higher settlement offers because they required surgery after an accident. However, a higher settlement should never be your motivation for having a surgical procedure.

There is no guarantee that your personal injury case will be successful, whether you have surgery or not. And if your claim is successful, there is no assurance that an operation will increase your payout. You should also note that all major surgeries present a risk of complications and death.

Cases in which surgery may increase your settlement offer

If you were injured in an accident and sustained injuries that required surgery, you can add the cost of your procedure to your claim. For instance, if you damage your spine in an accident, surgery may be necessary for you to regain your ability to walk, and your injury settlement should cover the costs of the procedure.

After surgery, you will need time to recuperate, meaning you will have to be away from work for an extended period. Therefore, you can claim more for loss of income. If you require any special care or household help while you recuperate, you can add those expenses to your claim as well.

To ensure you get the compensation you deserve to cover your surgery costs, pain and suffering and other expenses, you should contact an experienced injury settlement lawyer.

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