If you are planning to file a personal injury claim, you should do so with the help of a personal injury lawyer. But how do you select the right personal injury lawyer with so many to choose from? You can start by asking the following questions:

Does the lawyer specialize in personal injury cases?

Legally, any qualified lawyer could represent you in a personal injury claim. However, there are many areas of law in which a lawyer may specialize. It is impossible for any one lawyer to be an expert in all these areas and your case will require specific knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is pertinent that you find a lawyer who has focussed on personal injury cases for a number of years. If the lawyer focusses on other types of matters as well, find out how many of his or her cases are personal injury claims. It is also a good idea to ask whether the personal injury lawyer has handled the exact type of case you want to pursue. Many cases are lost because of a lack of relevant experience on the part of legal counsel. Don’t find yourself in such a position.

Has the personal injury lawyer been the lead counsel in a case that was decided in court?

The best outcome you can hope for in a personal injury case is a speedy recovery by being able to access healthcare providers. A quick recovery means you can also get your settlement out of the way sooner than later. That is why most personal injury lawyers focus their energy on settlement negotiations. But there are times when the parties involved in a personal injury case cannot come to an agreement. When that happens, the case will be decided by a judge or jury. For that reason, you must find a lawyer who is capable of fighting for your rights in court. So, ask the personal injury lawyer whether he or she has been the lead counsel in a personal injury case that was decided by judgment or jury verdict.

What will the case cost and how will the lawyer charge?

Most personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency basis. This means the lawyer will not charge legal fees unless he or she recovers money on your behalf. If your case is successful, you will then be required to pay a percent of the money that was recovered. Since not all lawyers charge in this way, ask exactly how the one you are considering will charge for your case. If the lawyer charges a contingency fee, ask what percent of your settlement you will have to pay over. Also, note that there may be other charges outside of the legal fees. So, ensure that you are given an agreement with a clear outline of all charges and fees.

What will be the likely outcome of your case?

No one can tell you exactly what will happen in your case but a personal injury lawyer should be able to give you an idea of what to expect. He or she should be able to tell you whether it’s likely your case will end in a settlement or if you will have to go to court and how much money you can expect to receive in a settlement or cash award.

Will the personal injury lawyer personally handle your case?

Sometimes the lawyer you meet with for a consultation is not the person who will handle your case. In that situation, all that lawyer’s knowledge and experience won’t matter. Ensure you are clear on who will be dealing with your case. If you do not meet with the lawyer who will be handling the matter, continue your search.

Do you need an experienced personal injury lawyer in Surrey?

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