Personal injury cases can be quite unpredictable. For some claims, the case can last 6 months to a year from the date you file the claim to the date it is settled. In other cases, it may take two to three years; sometimes even longer. A lot can happen during that time. One of those things could be that you decide to change your personal injury lawyer. There are many good reasons to terminate a personal injury lawyer.

You may want to find a new lawyer if there is no reasonable communication or professionalism from your lawyer, he or she does not actively pursue your case, there are issues with their licence or if they do not have the ability or resources to handle your case. While there is nothing in the law to prevent you from switching personal injury lawyers, here are some things you should consider before doing so:

Shared fees between the personal injury lawyers

Most personal injury lawyers use a contingency agreement in ICBC cases. This means they provide their services without charging legal fees upfront. If your personal injury claim is successful, they will then collect a predetermined percentage of your settlement to cover their fees.

If you change your lawyer in the middle of your ICBC case, you should know how fees will be shared between the lawyer you terminated and the one that completes the case. You are not required to pay both lawyers for their services. Usually, in British Columbia, your new lawyer and your previous will split the contingency fee once the case has concluded. So, be wary if your new lawyer tells you to settle all matters with your former lawyer on your own before they agree to take your case.

The timing may affect your ability to find a new personal injury lawyer

If one lawyer has been working on your case for a long time, it might be difficult to find another lawyer who is willing to take on your case at that point. Since the first lawyer would have put a lot of hours and work into your case, it would minimize the amount a new lawyer would be entitled to.

Furthermore, it unlikely that a new lawyer’s methods would be able to influence the outcome of the case after another personal injury lawyer has done all the groundwork. Therefore, if you are thinking about changing lawyers, the sooner you do so, the better. This will help to ensure there is a smoother transition and lessen the negative impacts on your case.

Are you looking for a new personal injury lawyer in Surrey?

Changing your personal injury lawyer is a decision that should be made only after careful consideration. Before you decide to change your lawyer, you should meet with them to review your case and the work that has been done thus far. Then, without making a commitment, ask another lawyer to provide a second opinion on the case.

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