Drugged Driving in BC: What to expect from Personal Injury Lawyer?

Drug-Impaired Driving By: Harpreet Sandhu As the laws for marijuana consumption continue to cross over to the right-wing, the line of legal and illegal consumption is becoming blurred. We all know driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, however, the rules of drugged driving in BC with marijuana are not as black and [...]

Top Ten Mistakes That Could Potentially Damage Your ICBC Claim

If you’ve suffered from a serious injury in a car accident, you might be entitled to receive a fair compensation for the financial losses you’ve incurred in the form of an ICBC claim. Without knowing the proper process, it can be easy to harm the chances of receiving compensation from ICBC. What may seem [...]

ICBC Accident Investigations – What are my options at this point, and is it worth hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer can help you tackle ICBC Investigations. Read on to find out more. Dealing with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) when trying to settle your injury claim can be complex. But with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Surrey, you can work through these complexities and [...]

How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer: Top 10 mistakes

Accidents happen. They can happen anywhere and anytime, which often ends up being in places and times that you least expect. In the unfortunate event that an accident does happen and you become injured, it’s best to proceed with caution and make sure the handle things the right way. In many personal injury cases, [...]

Distracted Driving in British Columbia

“On June 1, 2017, the distracted driving laws in British Columbia will change, and the fines and penalties for those caught driving while distracted will increase significantly. In particular, a first time distracted driving ticket will cost $543 comprised of a $368 fine and four demerit points of $175. The offenses increase dramatically for subsequent [...]

How Much Does an ICBC Lawyer Charge for a Car Accident?

Accidents happen. Getting yourself back to square one after an accident is hard enough when it comes to getting your car repaired and in the unfortunate case that you were injured in the accident, getting yourself repaired too. In accidents where it becomes necessary for you to get professional legal help to make yourself [...]