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Purchase and Sale

Experienced Surrey Purchase and Sale Lawyer

Serving Greater Vancouver and Surrey

Whether you are a business person, public entity, private investor, lender or even a developer with real estate needs, Nirwan Law Corporation is a premier law firm that can cater to your requirements. With years of experience behind us, we have the in-depth knowledge required to be with you every step of the way in your commercial real estate purchase and sale dealings.

We know from experience exactly how complex and involved commercial property dealings can be and have the capacity to help you move through these aspects seamlessly and in a stress-free manner. We have numerous owners, developers, and investor real estate clients and tailor our solutions to meet their needs.

Our sophisticated understanding of commercial real estate law, in conjunction with our deep understanding of various aspects of financing and business partnerships, can help you maximize value and ROI and achieve your goals. Whether you’re buying, selling, developing, leasing, permitting or financing, our vast experience in all aspects of commercial real estate representation will surely benefit you.

Why Choose Us – Business Law Firm

  • Assist you through the entire Process

  • Assess your particular Needs

  • Guide you through each step

  • Draft and file all required documents

  • Transfer title successfully

Business Partnership Lawyer– Commercial Real Estate Solutions

Since we are also a business law firm, this gives is a very solid foundation when it comes to understanding the workings of joint ventures and partnership firms. This allows us to tailor our services to meet client needs.

1. Purchase and Sale Transactions

We represent commercial clients in a range of development matters and complex real estate transactions such as purchase and sale of:

  • Office buildings

  • Shopping centres

  • Industrial parks

  • Development sites

  • Other retail spaces

2. Strata Transactions

We also handle all types of strata property development projects which include matters such as:

  • Preparation & filing of Disclosure Statements as per the Real Estate Development Marketing Act

  • Subdivision matters

  • Environmental & municipal requirements

  • Land assemblies

  • Bare land strata developments

  • Office & recreational developments

  • Hotel and hospitality developments

  • Strata mixed use

  • Leasing transactions (including office and retail)

  • Small and large-scale development projects

3. Real Estate Financing and Structuring Advise

Our business partnership lawyer team also advises commercial real estate clients in connection with aspects such as:

  • Construction

  • Real estate syndications of different types, including limited partnerships

  • Takeout and inventory financings

  • Tax advice and structuring of joint ventures

  • Co-ownership arrangements

The Premier Business Law Firm

Our law firm is uniquely placed to provide practical solutions and top-notch commercial legal services for all types of real estate transactions. We combine strong business ethics, a focused approach and knowledgeable advice to ensure our clients are able to make better informed and prudent decisions with regards to their real estate dealings. As mentioned earlier, we advise our clients on the complex financial aspects of commercial real estate transactions and assist them every step of the way.

Commercial Real Estate Dispute Resolution

Our experienced business partnership lawyer team can also negotiate/draft leases. They are here to provide legal guidance and advice at every stage of a development project. If a dispute has arisen in your commercial real estate dealing, our seasoned legal team will provide expertise in dispute resolution mediation and arbitration. Our long list of clients trusts our business law firm to assist them with all types of real estate matters such as:

  • Land use planning & compliance, subdivisions

  • Commercial conveyances issues

  • Environmental matters

  • Property Tax Issues

  • Municipal & regulatory law

  • Strata property

  • Real estate development disputes

  • Partnerships & Joint Ventures

  • Disputes that arise out of the purchase & sale of commercial real estate

  • Commercial tenant and landlord disputes, including issues related to termination, eviction, lease renewals, and rent increases

  • Disputes arising from any undisclosed deficiencies in property

  • Claims for negligent and fraudulent misrepresentation

  • Claims of builder’s lien

  • Issues with respect to the charges registered against titles to real property, such as liens, caveats, certificates of pending litigation, and other encumbrances

  • Disputes related to rights of way, easements, as well as statutory building schemes

  • The enforcement of lines of credit  or mortgages registered against titles to land by foreclosure

Engage The Best Legal Help For All Your Commercial Purchase And Sale Dealings

Our comprehensive range of services helps ensure that all your commercial real estate needs are taken care of under a single roof. Whether you are purchasing, selling, developing or leasing property, remediating or are involved in some dispute involving property, we are the legal experts to call. With us handling all the aspects of your commercial real estate transactions, you have peace of mind that your interests are covered at all times.

We are a committed and seasoned team of businesslawyers that adopt a highly focused approach in every case we take up and legal matter we handle. For any more information about our purchase and sale and widerange of legal services, feel free to call Nirwan Law Corporation at +1.604.372.0253 or send us a message via this Contact Us form.

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What does Limited Liability mean? 2018-07-19T23:05:39+00:00

Limited Liability occurs when a company is incorporated. A primary advantage to incorporating a business is the limited liability conferred upon its shareholders. The shareholders are not liable, in most cases, for the debts and other obligations of the corporation. A shareholder’s liability for the debts of the corporation is limited to the amount of funds the shareholder has invested in the corporation. Creditors only have rights against the corporation itself and not against the shareholders.

What is a Corporation? 2018-07-19T23:05:10+00:00

A corporation is a legal entity that has its own legal personality which is distinct from its owners (called shareholders) and the individuals who manage and run its affairs and business (called directors and officers). The creation of a corporation occurs following the proper filing of Articles of Incorporation (also called a Charter, Certificate of Incorporation or Letters Patent) with the relevant government department or authority.

Every corporation is comprised of shareholders, directors and officers. Shareholders, as the name implies, are the ones who hold (i.e., own) the shares in the corporation. By reason of the votes that are usually attached to the shares, the shareholders control the corporation. If there is only one shareholder, that person has absolute control of the corporation. If the corporation has numerous shareholders, control of the corporation depends on who has a majority of the voting shares. However, the shareholders do not directly manage the corporation. They exercise their influence by electing and removing directors and approving or disapproving major corporate decisions.

When should I contact a lawyer regarding purchasing a home? 2018-07-19T23:04:32+00:00

When purchasing a home you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Once a lawyer is involved, they can start working to protect the purchaser’s interests. “Buyer Beware” is still the law in BC. Be sure to check the home you are planning to buy very carefully. In other words, be sure to do your due diligence investigations. As your real estate lawyers, we will ensure property taxes are up-to-date and no claims are listed against the property.

Do I need a Lawyer to buy/sell my home? 2018-07-19T22:58:08+00:00

Real estate layers oversee the process of buying or selling property to ensure the interest and right of clients are preserved.  The purchase of a home is one of the biggest investment most of us will ever make.  Real estate closing is a complicated legal process involving the execution of many legal documents which have significant financial implications. You want to protect your investment. A purchaser’s lawyer goes over the agreement of purchase and sale to make sure the buyer is protected. The lawyer checks title, or chain of ownership of the property, for any problems or liabilities such as liens.  All mortgage loan documents and legal papers are verified for the purchaser. A seller’s lawyer will check the agreement of purchase and sale to protect the seller and address any title issues that arise, arrange for final payoffs for existing loans and prepare the necessary documents to transfer ownership of the property. As your real estate lawyers, we will examine all of the closing documents on your behalf to make sure your rights are protected.



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