December 2016

Your entitlement to “No Fault” Benefits after a Car Accident

Part 7 of the Regulations to the Insurance (Vehicle) Act set out certain benefits available to people injured in car accidents in British Columbia that are available regardless of whose fault the accident was. Generally, these benefits include: payment of medical expenses, payment of rehabilitation expenses, and payment of wage benefits. In the event of [...]

How the Rule of Law Applies to Everyone, even Google…

The Rule of Law concept implies that every citizen is subject to the law, including law makers themselves. The judiciary is the mechanism by which average citizens can seek to apply the rule of law to other citizens, including corporations and governments, and rectify wrongs committed upon them by these defendants. The beauty of our [...]

Slip and Fall Injury? Steps you should take Right Away

Homeowners and businesses in British Columbia must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their visitors. Otherwise, they may be liable for their guests' injuries in the event an accident occurs. A vast majority of negligence claims against businesses and homeowners arises from slick or unkempt conditions causing people to slip and fall resulting [...]

Remedies for Breach of a Real Estate Contract: Dosanjh v. Liang

Many people consider buying a home one of the most important decisions they'll make in their lives. It certainly requires a considerable financial commitment. So what happens when the seller decides to back out of the deal? Reasons for judgment were released on January 31, 2014 by Madam Justice Warren in a case where I [...]

An Alternative to Convention: The Summary Trial

Summary trial is intended to provide a faster and cheaper alternative to conventional trials. The principal difference between summary trials and conventional trials is that in a summary trial evidence is introduced by affidavit, not oral evidence. A summary trial application is brought in the same manner as a chambers application (dealt with by Rule [...]

The Perks and Perils of Contingency Fee Agreements

Contingency fee agreements are those that make legal fees payable to a lawyer if and when the case is successful. They are most prevalent in claims for damages. According to the Law Society of BC: contingency fee agreements must be in writing. Contingency fees are not permitted in family law cases involving child custody or [...]